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Have you ever thought about visiting Budapest? Save this post to eat the very best of the Hungarian cuisine.

And don’t miss the faq section at the end!

Budapest is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe (we stayed there for 4 days and spent around 100€ per person, so it’s the perfect city for students on a budget!).

Chains Bridge in Budapest.
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Széchenyi Lánchíd, great views you don’t wanna miss.

One of the facts that contribute to this is their exquisite yet inexpensive food.

And yeah, this foodie needed to write a whole post about it.

Hungarian cuisine (Hungary in general) was a total mystery for us before we got there.

We had seen a couple of pictures on Pinterest, but as soon as we arrived we understood they were going to be useless.

All we could find the first day was a kebab!

Yep, you read that right.

Those delicious foods from Pinterest seemed to hide from us, and locals weren’t able to tell us where to find them (to tell us anything, actually, because most of them only spoke Hungarian).

There are so many things you have to eat in Budapest!

All the foodies (myself included) will tell you how good the Hungarian cuisine is. Everything is delicious!

And so cheap. SO CHEAP, GUYS.

I didn’t spend more than 50€ in food.

How great is that??

The thing is you have to find where to eat those super cheap delicatessens.

Luckily for you, we decided to stubbornly search for those delicious dishes and ended up finding a few cool restaurants.

Ready for your mouth to water?

Ok, ok, let’s start.

I’ll list all the places where we ate and the amazing dishes we tried.

We all loved literally everything!

(Even though we had a really picky girl in the group. So don’t panic if it’s usually hard for you to enjoy the food. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with these 😉

Lángos Papa

Oh, lángos!

This is probably the greasiest food I’ve ever tried.

Lángos, a traditional Hungarian food that you can find everywhere in Budapest.
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I wasn’t able to eat more than the half!!

It’s a fried dough topped with anything you want.

I’d say it’s like a fat, crusty and greasy crepe. And plus size, they’re usually enormous.

You can choose to top yours with salty or sweet ingredients.

I ordered mine with chicken paprikash, but one of my friends went with a Nutella and banana one.

If you can’t eat everything, remember to ask the staff to give you a cardboard box and keep it for your next meal(s).

Don’t waste food, kids!

Frici Papa


The food is so good, the staff so polite and they have the menu translated to different languages!

(This is actually very rare there, we had to use Google Translator in all the other places)

I have to say this one doesn’t look very classy or modern, but the food is worth it.

Here, we ordered goulash with red wine sauce, chicken paprikash and húsleves daragaluskával (a meat soup with semolina dumplings).

Including beverages, it was only 13’5€!!

For 4 persons. Insane.

I can’t recommend this restaurant enough, guys, everything was delicious.

And we were so full that we couldn’t try the desserts!

You must eat here when you visit Budapest.

Gelarto Rosa

You’ll probably have to wait a 10-15 minutes queue, but look at how cute these are!

Rose shaped ice cream. You can order it next to the St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest
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They make ice cream even more appealing haha.

I ordered a medium one (100g), with 3 flavors, and it was only 1’70€.

Of course, I had seen pictures on Pinterest, so I decided to carefully combine the colours.

Make it insta-worthy, girl.

If you’re visiting Budapest in summer, I highly recommend getting a few ice creams. It’ll be SO hot.

This gelateria is very convenient, next to the St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Nyugati pályaudvar

A train station?

Yep, we found a delicatessen there.

In front of the main doors you’ll find a little food stall.

Don’t miss it!

They make Kürtöskalács, one of the best sweet treats I’ve ever tried (if we ignore that I live near the border with Portugal, of course haha).

These chimney cakes are made of sweet, wrapped dough, whose deliciously crispy crust can be topped with anything you want.

Kürtöskalác, a Hungarian delicatessen you'll be able to find in food stalls and bakeries in Budapest.
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I got a cinnamon and sugar one, but my friends chose chocolate, coconut and walnut ones.

Be aware that these are actually big. Mine lasted 2 days lol.

I can’t remember the price, but it was about 1€.

Anna Cafe

When my German teacher heard I was visiting Budapest, she quickly sent me a list of things I had to try (thanks Elisa for telling me to try the soups, yum).

One thing caught my attention, and I even asked her if she was serious.


How can something so simple we so delicious? (Wait for the Amsterdam foodie guide, I couldn’t believe chips could be that good)

Yeah, we had to try lemonade.

I wasn’t very convinced, but it was so hot when we were there on June, that everyone happily agreed when I proposed to get one.

And lemonade is a thing in Budapest!

This may be the only thing I considered a little bit “expensive”, but it was so worth it.

If you’re hungry, this café also serves food (we didn’t try it, but it looked great).

Just in case you’re doing the math, we didn’t eat in restaurants every single time.

One day, we decided to grab some sandwiches at a bakery and made a little picnic at Szabadság Tér (I’d recommend doing it at the park surrounding Vajdahunyad vára, this beautiful castle).

Vajdahunyad vára, one of the most beautiful castles I've seen. One of Budapest's gems!
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We also grab a couple of meals in the Burger King that was next to our Airbnb (I’ll explain why on another post. I challenge you to guess what it could be, there’s no way you can figure it out lol).

And that’s pretty much everything. Keep reading for the faq’s!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink tap water in Budapest?

From my experience, yes, you can drink tap water safely while you’re there.

Can I use euros in Budapest?

No. They’re not likely to accept them anywhere.

Hungary’s currency is the forint.

Where can I exchange money in Budapest?

To exchange money, I’d recommend doing it with your bank, before the trip.

If you wait until you’re there they (or the ATM/ money exchange office) may charge you a fee.

What is Budapest known for?

I think the most popular dish may be chicken paprikash (every restaurant had this one). Lángos and Kürtöskalács are also easy to find.

How much money should I bring to Budapest?

If you’re as frugal as I am, 80€ will be enough for 4 days (including food, transport and tickets).

For a more luxurious visit, eating at decent restaurants every day, going to a couple of spas and museums, I’d suggest around 150€. It doesn’t harm to spoil yourself, right?

Do they have discounts for students and young people in Budapest?


I used them so much! I saved around 30€ thanks to them, so always bring your ID, University card and Youth card with you, and ask at every place you go.

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