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Have I reached my goals for May? What am I planning to do in June? Let’s plan together!

Hey, guys! Love to see you’re back.

On today’s post we are going to do one of my favourite things: reviewing.

I admit it. I’m a bullet journal addict. You can find my whole life organized there, from my travel bucket list to my “10 reasons why having sex with your ex is not a good idea” list (I’m struggling lol).

But, apart from all the list and quote spreads, the main part of my bujo is the planning section. I plan every year, month and week. And it has helped me a lot to reach my goals and hold myself accountable.

The most useful part is the monthly goals section. Is not as broad as the yearly goals, so it’s easy to track, and you can break it into smaller goals to take action every week.

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Which were my May monthly goals?

My monthly goals are usually aligned with my yearly goals (sometimes something new pops up and I include it to the list, like finding a new pair of shoes for the summer or something like that). I also include a shopping list of things that I need and things that I want. So let’s check everything out!



  • Celebrate my birthday
  • Visit my grandparents at least once
  • Having a “games night”

What I got:

  • I celebrated my birthday in a very especial way (click there to read a whole post about it), but I got to enjoy it with my beloved ones.
  • I was able to finally visit my grandpas!! I was dying to see them and it was amazing. Of course, we used all kind of preventive measures (face masks, social distancing and lots of hydroalcoholic gel haha).
  • I wasn’t able to organize a games night because my family didn’t want to participate. I proposed it 5 times but I didn’t get support any of them. Anyone else with a not-that-engaged family? 😂



  • Save 200€
  • Don’t spend more than 100€

What I got:

  • I was able to save 425€, so I’m more than happy! My family always gives me money for my birthday, because they know I usually spend it on my trips. Thanks to birthday and Christmas presents I have been able to visit Budapest, Berlin, London, Paris and Amsterdam so far. But I didn’t expect to get so much money, wow.
  • I`ve only spent 74’58€ this month. You can check what I bought at the end of the post, in case you’re curious.



  • Hang out with my friends x1
  • Have a talk with my ex
  • Call my Tandem partner x4
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What I got:

  • I met my friends once, and it was nice, but I don’t feel comfortable enough with going out yet. I’ll try to work on that, because I don’t want post-quarantine anxiety to control my life.
  • Yes, I texted my ex, but it was for a good reason. We broke up with not much drama a couple of days before the lock down started, and we still had lots of things to talk about. We decided to leave it for later (for obvious reasons) and have a friendly relationship. But we eventually stopped having any relationship at all.
    • I felt my pride was keeping me away from someone I wanted in my life (even if our relationship wouldn’t be the same as before), and finally decided to stop being childish and face the situation. We have talked a couple of times and it has been nice. He is a person I love and appreciate, so the effort was worth it (however, I’ll get over him as a friend if I don’t see serious efforts from his side to maintain this new relationship. I’m nice, not stupid).
  • I have called my Tandem partner x7 this month, so I’m really happy about that. Liv is a wonderful person and I can’t tell how much I enjoy our talks. Learning German with her is amazing.



  • Finish with Psychobiology
  • Finish all my assignments
  • Finish History of Psychology

What I got:

  • I didn’t finish with it. At all. I didn’t expect this to take me so long, but I haven’t put my 100% on getting this goal. I’m planning to get this next week, so I’ll be studying really hard.
  • I finished all my assignments! I’m SO happy. It took me ages to complete everything and I can’t wait to see if all the effort has paid off.
  • I didn’t even start to study this subject, so pray for me. The “positive” side is that we are allowed to use the book for the exam, so I hope I can pass it, one way or another haha.



  • Post x8
  • Set up the blog
  • Grow my IG account to 380 followers

What I got:

  • This is the 7th post I upload this month, so I didn’t reach the goal! However, I’m satisfied. I think posting once per week fits better for me, but I’ll try to bring some extra content next month.
  • I almost set up the blog, but then decided I wanted a brand new theme and another email list builder, so I’m still working on this. I’d highly appreciate any theme recommendations you have!!
  • I got this! The account has 381 followers while I’m writing this, which is almost +70 people in our community, compared to April. I even made some networking, which is amazing.


What I needed:

  • New sandals
  • New bikini
  • Small bag
  • New bullet journal

What I wanted

  • Camera remote
  • A new book (4, actually)
  • A new jacket
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Evernote
  • Pinterest

What I got:

  • Yuzulia earrings & bracelet: 15’81€ (you can use eva30 to get a 30% off in your order!)
  • Stradivarius, small bag: 9’99€ (I have been looking for this for so long)
  • Stradivarius, new denim jacket: 20’99€
  • Zara, new sweatshirt: 9’95€
  • Amazon, new planner: 17’84€

I’m leaving the links here. THEY’RE NOT AFFILIATE LINKS. I’m just sharing them in case you want to take a look at what I bought this month.


Flower Fall Earring:

Earth Bracelet:

Little disclaimer about Yuzulia: the package hasn’t arrived yet, but I was told before making my order that their products are overpriced. A lot. Don’t expect super nice quality just because prices are high. It’s just cheap imitation jewelry. BUT there are always lots of discount so you can get the items at a normal price at the end, and I like the designs. If you join their  influencer program (as I did) you will get a 70% discount, just in case you want to take advantage of it.

Small Bag:

Denim Jacket:



And well, that has been my month. What now?

My June Goals

You already know my categories, so let’s go!


  • Organize a cool birthday party for my mom
  • Do something outside together


  • Save 50€
  • Invest on the blog
  • Don’t buy anything that it’s not on my list


  • Have a meal at a restaurant
  • Meet my friends x3
  • Go to my ex’s house (I need to get my things back. No sex, I promise)
  • Talk with Liv x4


  • Pass all my exams (I’d be happy with 4/5, but I want to try, at least)
  • Study 40 hours
  • Start the transfer

Social media presence

  • Set up the blog (definitely)
  • Grow the IG account to 450 followers
  • Post x12 on IG
  • Upload 4 blog posts

Wish me luck and strength to face all these challenges. You will know how I did this new month on June, 30th.

Which were your goals for May? Did you achieve them? What do you want to get on June? Read you in the comments!

Bye, kweens!

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