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Always afraid of missing something important when packing? Get the travel essentials check-list printable at the end of the post!

You have just arrived in Paris.

The weather is hot, but you’re prepared: summer clothes, sandals, sunglasses and the cutest pamela.

You go out to enjoy yourself and discover the city.

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But, hey! Wait a minute, darling.

You need sunscreen.

Or do you want to look like a crab at the end of the day?

You open your suitcase and start looking for it.

Where’s it? Did you remember to pack it?

Well, it doesn’t seem to be there, so you’ll have to buy one.

When you’re out, you notice that it’s actually pretty humid in Paris. Your hair is starting to suffocate you.

Don’t you have any hair ties?

Your new sandals are hurting your feet but, of course, you didn’t remember to bring any band aids.

Does this sound familiar?

Even as an over-packer, I always realized I had missed something.

It was so frustrating!

Now, I pack the half and never need extras at my destinations.

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(I’ll write a post soon about how to pack clothes for every trip, so I’m not going to talk about it now).

DISCLAIMER: This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase through them, I earn a small comission at no extra cost for you. You can read the full disclaimer here. Happy shopping!

If you’re struggling to keep your luggage minimal, check my essentials for every trip:


  • Phone charger. Obvious, I know.
  • Portable battery. A must. You don’t want to be lost with only a 1%, right?
  • Necklace phone case. Perfect to avoid thievery.
  • Earphones. 4h on a plane can get really long. At least, listening to your favourite songs will quieten those hysterical baby cries.
  • Sunscreen. Everyone needs to put on sunscreen before going out. Period. If you’re as white as I am you should directly pick SPF50+.
  • Moisturizing cream. I usually bring aloe vera gel or the Saturday Skin feather-weighted moisturizer.
  • Lip balm. I have been using Liposan for the 20 years I’ve been on Earth.
  • Mouth spray. I’d ideally bring a pocket toothbrush, but using them can be difficult depending on the situation.
  • Band aids. Those shoes look comfortable, but you’ll thank me after 18h wearing them.
  • Nail clipper / file. Manicure always on point, babe.
  • Eye drops. Mine are always dry, so these are life-savers.
  • Tissues. When you have a runny nose, need to clean your airplane seat or when the only toilet you found doesn’t have paper. Tissues are a girl’s best friends.
  • Deodorant. You can get the mini size at the travel sections of many drug stores. I discovered them for my last trip and I’m so glad I don’t have to use roll-ons anymore!
  • Fragrance. I hate deodorants’ fragrances, so this is a little extra.
  • Hair ties. You may not need these if you have short hair haha
  • Hair comb. Well, you may not need them if you’re bald, I guess.
  • Scarf. The thickness will depend on the weather. I use it to make a little bubble on the plane. I usually sleep on the airplane tray (after sanitizing it), and use the scarf to protect my back from the A/C and block the light.
  • Backpack. Water, snacks, a jacket, umbrella, hat, sunscreen, lip balm, an extra hair tie and a little emergency kit (hydroalcoholic gel, band aids, pads/tampons, document copies, my hotel address, 25€ and pain killers) are always in mine.
  • Small bag / fanny pack. If you don’t need to bring so many things with you at a certain moment, these are perfect.
  • ID card / passport + 2 copies. If you think it’s stupid, wait until your passport gets stolen. I’d also recommend carrying a couple of passport size photos, just in case you need to get a new document.
  • Medicines. (THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE) Paracetamol / Ibuprofen are usually good for any discomfort you may have. Carry allergy medicines and your regular ones if you’re under treatment. If you usually have eczemas or other cutaneous problems, bring your pomades too. If you’re going to over-pack, this is the section.
  • Pyjamas. I only use a 1’90€ Primark Man t-shirt, but you may want something fancier.
  • Swimming kit. You never know when you’ll find a spa/river/beach/pool/whatever, so it’s better to be prepared. Flip flops, swimming cap and a bikini/swimsuit are enough. This may sound quirky, but I usually bring these in my backpack (no matter the itinerary for the day). I couldn’t bath in the Gellért baths when I was in Budapest and I learnt the lesson.
  • Fisherman’s hat. Already mentioned it in the backpack, but they are great. I fell in love with them when I was visiting Amsterdam in the middle of a storm. When umbrellas are useless, these will save you. Make sure yours has ribbons to attach it to your head. And you can always use it as a sun hat!
  • Thigh anti-chafin product. Spray or cream, they’re essentials for me haha.

And those are all my essentials (well, face masks are essentials too nowadays).

It may sound like a lot, but I can fit them all in my backpack.

Little hack:

If you want to bring lots of different liquid products, use these little containers.

I only bring here my sunscreen, because I have mini sized products and samples for my trips.

Using fragrance samples or the pocket sized ones will save you lots of space.

The same for travel sized spray deodorants, cleansers and moisturizing creams.

Bringing multi-purpose products is always a good idea. For instance, a bb cream with SPF.

If you’re not sure about carrying a product, ask yourself: “what would be the worst scenario if I needed it and didn’t have it?”.

For instance: I decide not to bring ID copies. My documents get lost/stolen. I may get trapped in the country (this actually happened to us lol).

On the other hand: I decide not to bring mouth spray. After eating, my breath could smell better. I just get into a grocery store and buy gums.

Every time there’s a possibility of something really bad happening if you don’t bring an item, bring it!

If you are just going to be slightly less comfortable, you can remove it from your list.

I’m all about travelling comfortably (so I usually over-pack), but if you don’t have much space, this backpack-sized luggage is the solution.

Just take into consideration which kind of destination you’re visiting and what you’re going to do there, and pack in consequence.

Do we have the same packing essentials? Would add / remove something? Share your hacks!

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