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5 Essentials for your Skincare Morning Routine

5 Essentials for your Skincare Morning Routine

Staying at home for this long is making my skin go crazy. It’s dry, sensitive and full of blackheads. So I knew I needed some tips to build a new skincare morning routine in order to improve my skin.

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I started searching on the internet for tips, tricks, miraculous products and *really* strange routines. BUT I ended up noticing that there’re a few things all the posts included over and over again. And it wasn’t diving into a -10ºC water container at 5 am.

2 quick things before we start:

I’m a Psychology student, so I don’t have any kind of academic knowledge about skincare. I got these tips from dermatologists and beauticians. Always get advice from your doctor before trying new treatments.

And I want to emphasize the “routine” part. Many of these tips won’t work when only done once. Skincare is a habit. If you want this to help you, then you’ll have to be consistent. Of course, stop doing the routine if there’s any kind of discomfort (itchiness, irritation, etc.). Note this post doesn’t include diet, exercising, hydrating, etc., but those things are also helping me.

Ok, let’s start with some tips to build this new skincare morning routine.

Wash your face

It’s the first thing I do every morning. I use a non-comedogenic foam wash my dermatologist gave me. I highly recommend getting advice to find the best option for you.

The product I use is specific for oil control and perfect for acne-tendency skins. I got a 50 ml (1,7 OZ) sample tube and after 2 months using it, there’s almost a half left. So it’s really economical.

The big one is 8 OZ and costs $9.76 on Amazon.

Just in case someone is curious, this product is called Cetaphil (from Nestlé Skin Health). But remember to ask your doctor/pharmacist before using it.


I don’t want anyone to do strange things. Putting something too cold on your face can burn it, so be sensible!

I like using one of those cold patches you can put in the freezer. It’s specific for face, and I only cool it for 5 minutes or so. Then, I put it on my face for another 5 minutes. It’s perfect for dark circles and blood circulation.

My face is usually a little “swollen” and dull when I wake up, and this helps a lot.

Stimulate your skin

This is another essential for me, but I stopped doing it these last weeks. Oh, I noticed the difference!

Of course, I got back on track. Using a face roller in your morning routine is a game changer. It makes your skin look more firm and healthy. PLUS it’s amazing to reduce dark circles and prevents wrinkles from appearing.

I recommend you to get one with relief. The stone ones look cute, but they’re not as effective. The more contact points with your skin, the better. I know there’re some with needles, but I have never tried them (I panic if there’s a needle around haha).

I got one with relief at Primark and it was cheap and good, so that’s what I’m using. However, I’m planning on getting an upgrade and get one like this:

I saw it in the 38-step beauty routine Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom at Riverdale) shared with Vogue and I fell in love with it. The one she uses is like $250 (the NuFace Trinity face massager), so I’ll probably look for a cheaper version, like the Foreo massagers. I’ll tell you if I find any good deal. Make sure you follow me on Instagram to stay tuned!


This is my priority right now, because my skin is dry af. I’m using the Saturday Skin featherweight daily moisturizing cream. It came in a pack with a brightening eye cream and a gentle cleanser, and I got it for only 8€ at Sephora (I think it was a Black Friday offer).

I like this one because it feels soft and weightless on the skin and it smells so nice!  I’ve also tried one from Primark, but it’s not as good, it feels really heavy on the skin. Nivea ones are fine, but I hate the smell.

I’m using a Babaria cream for my feet and hands, and the Johnson’s Vita-Rich pomegranate lotion for the rest of my body.

Moisturizing is crucial to keep your skin healthy and glowing, so never skip this!


Sunbathing is great for your skin, but be careful. Sun rays produce marks and wrinkles. Believe me, you’ll thank your 20 yo self for putting on sunscreen when you’re 50.

Even if it’s cloudy outside, you need to protect your skin. I don’t have preferences on sunscreens, but I recommend using cream ones (you won’t look so oily).

And don’t forget the neck!!

These are my essentials, the things I truly believe you NEED to do in order to keep your skin healthy. I actually used all of them before the quarantine, but I’m making an effort to keep my face clean and moisturized the whole day, and my morning routine is vital to do so.

Some steps of my full skincare morning routine are related with my night routine, so I’ll make a separate post about that. I’ll also write a post on things to skip in order to make your skin glow up.

Tell me in the comments what you think about these tips. Do you already do this? Some skincare advice you can give us? Read you!

Have a nice day, kweens.

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