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Sharing my May Monthly Review + June Goals

Sharing my May Monthly Review + June Goals

Have I reached my goals for May? What am I planning to do in June? Let’s plan together!

Hey, guys! Love to see you’re back.

On today’s post we are going to do one of my favourite things: reviewing.

I admit it. I’m a bullet journal addict. You can find my whole life organized there, from my travel bucket list to my “10 reasons why having sex with your ex is not a good idea” list (I’m struggling lol).

But, apart from all the list and quote spreads, the main part of my bujo is the planning section. I plan every year, month and week. And it has helped me a lot to reach my goals and hold myself accountable.

The most useful part is the monthly goals section. Is not as broad as the yearly goals, so it’s easy to track, and you can break it into smaller goals to take action every week.

Which were my May monthly goals?

My monthly goals are usually aligned with my yearly goals (sometimes something new pops up and I include it to the list, like finding a new pair of shoes for the summer or something like that). I also include a shopping list of things that I need and things that I want. So let’s check everything out!



  • Celebrate my birthday
  • Visit my grandparents at least once
  • Having a “games night”

What I got:

  • I celebrated my birthday in a very especial way (click there to read a whole post about it), but I got to enjoy it with my beloved ones.
  • I was able to finally visit my grandpas!! I was dying to see them and it was amazing. Of course, we used all kind of preventive measures (face masks, social distancing and lots of hydroalcoholic gel haha).
  • I wasn’t able to organize a games night because my family didn’t want to participate. I proposed it 5 times but I didn’t get support any of them. Anyone else with a not-that-engaged family? 😂



  • Save 200€
  • Don’t spend more than 100€

What I got:

  • I was able to save 425€, so I’m more than happy! My family always gives me money for my birthday, because they know I usually spend it on my trips. Thanks to birthday and Christmas presents I have been able to visit Budapest, Berlin, London, Paris and Amsterdam so far. But I didn’t expect to get so much money, wow.
  • I`ve only spent 74’58€ this month. You can check what I bought at the end of the post, in case you’re curious.



  • Hang out with my friends x1
  • Have a talk with my ex
  • Call my Tandem partner x4

What I got:

  • I met my friends once, and it was nice, but I don’t feel comfortable enough with going out yet. I’ll try to work on that, because I don’t want post-quarantine anxiety to control my life.
  • Yes, I texted my ex, but it was for a good reason. We broke up with not much drama a couple of days before the lock down started, and we still had lots of things to talk about. We decided to leave it for later (for obvious reasons) and have a friendly relationship. But we eventually stopped having any relationship at all.
    • I felt my pride was keeping me away from someone I wanted in my life (even if our relationship wouldn’t be the same as before), and finally decided to stop being childish and face the situation. We have talked a couple of times and it has been nice. He is a person I love and appreciate, so the effort was worth it (however, I’ll get over him as a friend if I don’t see serious efforts from his side to maintain this new relationship. I’m nice, not stupid).
  • I have called my Tandem partner x7 this month, so I’m really happy about that. Liv is a wonderful person and I can’t tell how much I enjoy our talks. Learning German with her is amazing.



  • Finish with Psychobiology
  • Finish all my assignments
  • Finish History of Psychology

What I got:

  • I didn’t finish with it. At all. I didn’t expect this to take me so long, but I haven’t put my 100% on getting this goal. I’m planning to get this next week, so I’ll be studying really hard.
  • I finished all my assignments! I’m SO happy. It took me ages to complete everything and I can’t wait to see if all the effort has paid off.
  • I didn’t even start to study this subject, so pray for me. The “positive” side is that we are allowed to use the book for the exam, so I hope I can pass it, one way or another haha.



  • Post x8
  • Set up the blog
  • Grow my IG account to 380 followers

What I got:

  • This is the 7th post I upload this month, so I didn’t reach the goal! However, I’m satisfied. I think posting once per week fits better for me, but I’ll try to bring some extra content next month.
  • I almost set up the blog, but then decided I wanted a brand new theme and another email list builder, so I’m still working on this. I’d highly appreciate any theme recommendations you have!!
  • I got this! The account has 381 followers while I’m writing this, which is almost +70 people in our community, compared to April. I even made some networking, which is amazing.


What I needed:

  • New sandals
  • New bikini
  • Small bag
  • New bullet journal

What I wanted

  • Camera remote
  • A new book (4, actually)
  • A new jacket

What I got:

  • Yuzulia earrings & bracelet: 15’81€ (you can use eva30 to get a 30% off in your order!)
  • Stradivarius, small bag: 9’99€ (I have been looking for this for so long)
  • Stradivarius, new denim jacket: 20’99€
  • Zara, new sweatshirt: 9’95€
  • Amazon, new planner: 17’84€

I’m leaving the links here. THEY’RE NOT AFFILIATE LINKS. I’m just sharing them in case you want to take a look at what I bought this month.


Flower Fall Earring:

Earth Bracelet:

Little disclaimer about Yuzulia: the package hasn’t arrived yet, but I was told before making my order that their products are overpriced. A lot. Don’t expect super nice quality just because prices are high. It’s just cheap imitation jewelry. BUT there are always lots of discount so you can get the items at a normal price at the end, and I like the designs. If you join their  influencer program (as I did) you will get a 70% discount, just in case you want to take advantage of it.

Small Bag:

Denim Jacket:



And well, that has been my month. What now?

My June Goals

You already know my categories, so let’s go!


  • Organize a cool birthday party for my mom
  • Do something outside together


  • Save 50€
  • Invest on the blog
  • Don’t buy anything that it’s not on my list


  • Have a meal at a restaurant
  • Meet my friends x3
  • Go to my ex’s house (I need to get my things back. No sex, I promise)
  • Talk with Liv x4


  • Pass all my exams (I’d be happy with 4/5, but I want to try, at least)
  • Study 40 hours
  • Start the transfer

Social media presence

  • Set up the blog (definitely)
  • Grow the IG account to 450 followers
  • Post x12 on IG
  • Upload 4 blog posts

Wish me luck and strength to face all these challenges. You will know how I did this new month on June, 30th.

Which were your goals for May? Did you achieve them? What do you want to get on June? Read you in the comments!

Bye, kweens!

Having birthday during quarantine

Having birthday during quarantine

Celebrating a birthday during a quarantine can be challenging, especially if you were planning to throw a big party. That was my case.

I haven’t organized a birthday party since I turned 14, and I was very excited to share my 20th birthday with my family and friends. But hey, waiting one year more is not a drama. I’ll prepare a cool 21st birthday party for next year!

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Little 4 year-old me on her birthday party.
Me on my 4th birthday

So, what have I done to celebrate my first day in my 20’s?

As I told you in this Instagram post, I always get sad on my birthday. It’s a mix of things: I feel lost, I miss the persons who are no longer here and I’m afraid of the changes that are about to come.

I wanted this year to be different, have a happy day with my loved ones. But, of course, a birthday party is not a priority right now.

The only option I had was quite simple: embrace my sadness.

I woke up late, had an avocado toast and rescued a beach hammock from the storage room. Then went to the balcony with a matcha tea and laid there, sunbathing, for 5 hours.

I watched a couple of episodes of Westworld, prepared a homemade salmon and brie cheese pizza (it was a fail haha) and went for a walk.

My 20’s started sitting on a bench, looking at the sunset. Yep, I’m that cliché.

But I learned something about myself doing this: I don’t have to be happy to enjoy my birthday.

I’ll always miss those who left us, I’ll always be afraid of changes and I’m pretty sure I’ll always feel lost. And it’s time to accept it. It’s time to embrace that sadness, that fear.

And make something great with that.

Me on my 20th birthday posing.
Me on my 20th birthday

Are you afraid of changes? Take your planer and write a bucket list for the next year.

Do you miss people? Write a few pages on your gratitude journal thanking everything they taught you.

Do you feel lost? Well, I’m sorry, I’m stucked there too haha. But trying to find a purpose could be a purpose itself.

I was planning to write a super long post telling you all the cool things I was able to do even though we were locked down, but I just didn’t feel like celebrating anything when I woke up.

So I cancelled everything and decided to treat myself. Pizza, visiting my grandma (she gave me homemade sweets!), sunbathing, watching series and having a walk.

That’s enough.

It’s 100% my decision to face life with joy. And I decided long ago that I was making that choice.

I loved having that relaxing “me-day”. It’s not the classic birthday celebration, but being able to celebrate that I’m alive is all that I needed.

Feeling the sun, watching a great series and trying to cook something delicious made me feel alive.

I cannot imagine which present would have been better than that.

Have you celebrated your birthday during quarantine?

Read you, kweens!

30 Things to Do Before your 30’s

30 Things to Do Before your 30’s

Today I’m turning 20!! Happy birthday to me! I’m very excited and can’t wait to see how many things I’m able to achieve this new decade. So I’ve created a “30 things to do before turning 30” list.

This kind of bucket list/manifestation is something I haven’t tried before. But I’ve been very lost in my teenage years and wanted to have some clear goals to focus on.

You can find 3 main categories: travel, career and lifestyle.

The travel section is the longest one because I think my 20’s are the perfect time to explore the world and have some adventures, but this doesn’t mean travelling is my main interest. I just think it’ll be my main investment haha

So let’s check the list!

1. Travel to every continent

Every continent has its own landscapes, cultures and vibe, in general, and I want to explore all of them (hopefully on a budget).

2. Hike a volcano

El Teide is the 3rd biggest volcano in the world, and it’s here, in Spain! The Canarian Islands have been on my travel bucket list since I was a little girl and I want to visit them soon. And, of course, go hiking to the top of El Teide.

3. Do a road trip

I got my driving license a year ago, but I’m still afraid of driving long distances. The longest I’ve ever driven is 50km. So I think doing a road trip could help me get over that fear. And I find it really cool. Any route recommendation?

Woman holding a map inside a car

4. See the northern lights

I don’t know if this one is actually worth it, but I’d love to go to the North of Europe and seeing them would be a plus. I hope I have the opportunity!

5. Go camping

Fun fact: I’ve never gone camping in my 20 years on the Earth. And it’s something I really want to do! So I’ll try to convince a couple of friends to go to the Cíes Islands and camp there for a week (they’re only 100 km from here).

6. Travel alone

I like travelling with my friends, but I know I’ll love travelling alone. I think it’s an experience everyone should have in their lifetimes. But I’d only visit safe countries. Have you ever tried it?

7. Buy a one-way ticket

Some of my biggest problems is to overthink and over-plan everything. Preparing an itinerary for my trips can take me months. So I want to buy a one-way ticket and be spontaneous for once.

8. Spend 1 month travelling

I may do this right after university. I had to spend my gap year at home and I want to have the experience of travelling for a long period of time.

9. Sleep in a desert

I think we have a couple of deserts here, in Spain, so I ‘ll probably visit them. Morocco is another great option, because is not that far, and my aunt told me it’s a beautiful experience to sleep in the Sahara.

10. Go to a festival

I was going to do this next month but covid-19 had other plans. The festival was rescheduled for 2021, so I hope we have better luck next year.

11. Try a Korean treatment (in Korea)

As a skincare addict, getting a treatment in Korea would be a dream. I may go there in 2022 with my sister, so I’ll start saving money for that treatment.

12. Live one year abroad

Another 2021 plan. I’ll ask for an Erasmus scholarship this year, and I’m pretty sure I’ll get it. So, if everything goes as planned, I’ll blog from Germany in 2021-2022.

13. Live in 5 cities

In this decade, I want to discover the world not only travelling, but living in different places with different cultures. Right now I’m in Ourense with my parents, at the end of the year I’ll be in Granada/Madrid/maybe another place (?) to start at a new university and I’ll ask for that Erasmus scholarship, and an international agreement after that. So I think I’ll check this before I’m 25.

14. Master German

Fun fact #2: I started a German major my freshman year. And I was going to become a German teacher. Yep. But I understood that wouldn’t make me happy for the long run and dropped that course. However, I love German and, after 8 years learning it, I’d love to be perfectly fluent. Maybe that Erasmus helps me!

15. Live alone

I’m very picky when looking for roommates. That’s the reason why I’ve never had one haha. I stayed at a residence these 2 years and I’d love to live alone after I graduate. But sharing flat seems to be cool too, so I’ll probably do both.

16. Become economically independent

A must. I don’t want to be 30 and still need help from my parents to make ends meet. If you’re in that situation, I’m not judging you, but I feel my parents have already given me all they had to. I want to be able to take care of myself and spoil them a little.

17. Sleep at a 5-stars hotel

Maybe this is the less interesting point, but I want to try that experience. Maybe a relaxing weekend at a luxurious hotel with spa could be a great way to say hello to my 30’s.

18. Volunteer

I was going to start giving free classes to underprivileged kids last month, but again, the covid-19 changed the plans. I hope I can start volunteering again in September, and keep this habit during my 20’s.

19. Donate 5K

My parents have always taught me to give back to my community and help those who are not as lucky as I am. So I want to donate 5,000€ this decade to try to make the world a slightly better place. Do you collaborate with any charities?

20. Make 20K a year

Related to the economic independence one. I think this is the minimum income I’ll have to earn to have a good and independent life. I’m already working on this one.

21. Make 100K

100,000€ look like something gigantic right now, but it’d be like earning those 20K/year I want for 5 years. I’m going to work really hard to achieve this goal.

22. Sell an art piece

I don’t want to live from art, but it’d be amazing to sell one of my artworks. I’m not even talking about something big. If I could sell one of my watercolours for 5€ I’d be happy.

23. Create a digital product

Working on this one too, but this project will take me months. Digital products are great passive income sources and amazing publicity for your work. I’m planning to do something related to well-being at college. So excited about it!

24. Finish Psychology

Oh, graduation. My parents can’t think about any other thing (they’re afraid I drop this course too haha). I love Psychology and can’t wait to get my diploma and start working. 2023 will be the year, if there isn’t any problem.

25. Pay for an expensive course

Sometimes you can find really good courses for a low price, but I want to spend a good money on my education. Any course recommendation? I’m afraid of this investment, but I think it will pay off. Arts and marketing are my top priorities (apart from Psychology, of course).

26. Get coached

I want to become a coach (maybe a business one), so it would be great to have help and guidance from other coach to start my journey. And also help me stay focused haha

27. Join a collective

Being socially aware is non-negotiable for me. I want to join some kind of collective or organization to improve our society. And it’s a good way to meet cool people with similar worries.

28. Write a book

I like writing fiction as a private hobby, but I’d love to write and publish a Psychology related book. Maybe about finding yourself in your 20’s?

29. Maintain a 1-year project

Fear of compromise has been my Achilles heel all my life. So a 1-year commitment could help me to be more disciplined and fight for what I want.

30. Get a purpose

The hardest one. I want to get one of my purposes in life. I don’t think we have to commit with only one thing forever and ever, but having a bigger goal is crucial to live meaningfully. So I’m working on discovering one of my purposes.

And these are my 30 things to do before turning 30. Writing this list has been a very interesting exercise and I’ll write a post about the process soon, in case you want to craft yours.

How old are you? Which goals do you want to achieve before your 30’s? Read you in the comments.

Bye, kweens!

Tips to choose your perfect university (+accommodation)

Choosing university can be really stressing when you don’t know what you want. Believe me, I’ll start next semester at my 3rd university (yep).

So I thought it could be useful to write a post about all the things you should consider before making this decision.

But I didn’t want this to be some generic crap you can’t get any actual help from.

That’s the reason why I wrote a little workbook.

Don’t panic, it’s 100% free. Fill the form to grab the ebook and let’s go on with the post.

Well, there’re 7 main things you have to take under consideration when picking your university: distance, costs, accommodation options, the campus, your lifestyle, relationships and reputation.

We’ll dive into each of these now. I recommend filling the workbook as you read the post. You can also pin this for later if you don’t have time now!

Firstly, I wanted to say that all these things are connected, so you need to find the balance in order to find your perfect uni. Maybe there’s a top university but don’t want to move to the city where it is. Or perhaps you find a city that resonates with you but there aren’t good accommodation options.

It’s impossible to get something 100% perfect, but I’d be happy with a 50%.

The most important thing is your attitude; the way you choose to live these years. So choose wisely, but don’t be too afraid of making mistakes.

And it’s also important to keep in mind that there might be another things you’ll have to consider. This is just a guideline, but I think I cover everything I thought about. Again, 3 universities in 3 years. Don’t trust me that much haha.


I’m putting this one first, but please, don’t discard universities you like just because they’re too far.

My first 2 years I decided I didn’t want to move out of my state, so I only had 1 university to choose from. It wasn’t very complicated, right?

Well, I dropped college my first year and the second one I wasn’t accepted there.

So this is the reason why I’m telling you to be open-minded about this. I was so stubborn I didn’t even apply for another university!

Distance is only a problem if you let it be a problem. But let’s be honest: living near home is cheaper.

If you live 1000km away from home, you’ll only be able to go back for holidays, and the flights are expensive on those dates. I used to live 80km from my hometown, so I could take the train every weekend to visit my family. See the difference?

It’s good to order your priorities. How often do you want to go back home? Do you want to try being completely on your own? How far are you up to move to?

I think it’s perfectly fine to want to move to the other side of the country. That’s what I’m doing next semester.

Wanting freedom is not bad at all. In fact, you’ll probably enjoy your college years more if you are far from your family. It will make you grow faster and it’ll teach you things you wouldn’t learn otherwise.

And you will have to manage your time and be disciplined by yourself. Really challenging.

Try to think about which distance is your maximum, how far it’d be too far and make you uncomfortable. And then decide if your open to get out of your comfort zone.


Oh, this can be the worst. Calculating how much college will cost you PLUS how much living in another city is can drive you crazy.

Especially if you have high tuition fees in your country.

Here in Spain we only pay around 1,000€ per year in tuition fees, and some people get it for free (if they get the better grades of their promotion, have 2 siblings or more, their parents are teachers, their family has low income, etc.). So we don’t actually think about that.

But in some countries it’s obscene how much people pay for their education. I feel grateful every day for our educational system, because I don’t know how I could afford paying $200,000. It’s crazy.

If that’s your case, I guess prices are your top priority. Check how much you can afford to pay and try to imagine if you can get any extra income stream.

Then check the cheaper and the most expensive accommodation options, and the same with transport, food, school supplies and lifestyle.

Is there any chance you can afford studying at that university? Any especial scholarship you can get there?

Accommodation options

Talking about scholarships, there’re some universities that will give you almost free accommodation. I have a friend who only pays 60€ per month!

If that’s not the case, you can always look for a universitary residence (not sure about the word, but this would be the classical “dorm”). I spent my first 2 years at a private one, managed by nuns and only for girls, of course. It was not as bad as it might sound haha.

This is not uncommon here, because the public ones only accept people who can’t afford paying for their accommodation. There are all kinds of residences and their prices are usually between 450-900€ per month (I used to pay 650€, food included).

Sincerely, there’re so many options you can get overwhelmed. Residences, flats, pensions, buildings for students, especial arrangements some cities have with old people, etc.

I’ll probably write a whole post about this in some weeks, because choosing your perfect option is so hard! But some quick tips:

If you want total independence, choose a flat. But keep in mind that you’ll have to cook, buy groceries, clean and hire the electric/internet/heating companies. And some flats don’t have kitchenware (or furniture at all), so you’ll have to invest on that. The main pro is that you can find flats everywhere, so you can live near your campus without paying as much as at a residence.

If you’re attending a very demanding course, you may want to stay at a residence, because they’ll cook, clean and do the laundry for you. You’ll save tons of time, and probably meet cool people. PLUS they usually have gym, their own library, kitchens you can use, etc.

Do you want the freedom of a flat but you don’t feel ready to take all those responsibilities? Pensions and those apartments for students are great options. They usually let you choose which services you want to hire from them (for instance, you can choose to pay for breakfast and laundry, but clean and prepare the other meals yourself), and you’ll have your own kitchen and bathroom. They are cheaper than a residence but more expensive than a flat.

For those with really tight budget, you can live under 100€ per month if you’re up to help an old person. Some cities have this option, and let you contact an old person and assist them a couple hours per day in exchange for the accommodation.

As you can see, there’re plenty of option, but you can feel nice with many of them. And, if you don’t like the place you chose, don’t be afraid of looking for another one. Yes, even if the semester already started. People do that all the time, it’s no big deal!

The campus

The building where I studied my freshman year was horrible. Out of date, with heating problems, the classrooms had a ridiculously small size and it didn’t have any open spaces. We only used paper and pen because there weren’t digital resources.

People used to pass out because of the ventilation and heating problems, and I had headaches almost every day. Sometimes we would have to interrupt the lectures because the professors were feeling sick.

In addition, the building design was horrible, like an abandoned parking, and it was in the suburbs. I had to walk for 40 minutes to get there. There weren’t enough buses to bring everyone, so I couldn’t use public transport (they didn’t even stop because there was no room for more people). And it was on the top of a cliff.

So checking the campus is a must. Seriously.

Accessibility, transport and good installations are non-negotiable.

It could be a good idea to talk to someone who is already studying there. If you don’t know anyone, you can always ask the university Instagram accounts managed by students.

Your lifestyle

If you love surfing and don’t want to give it up, Madrid might not be the best option for you. If you are a cosmopolitan person, studying in my hometown will bore you to death.

Your habits and lifestyle are something really important to take into consideration.

Of course, you can always change them and adapt to the new ambience. Sometimes we love things we first thought we were going to hate. And that’s perfect.

I’m not telling you to avoid things you hate. I’m telling you to look for the things you already love. But be open to other things.

And sometimes we want to change our lives. It’s a great moment to do so!

When I went to college I decided I wanted to have a healthier life and lose some weight I had gained because of a back injury. So I decided to look for a residence with gym and healthy menu options.

One of my friends wanted the same, but she went to a pension right next to the campus, no gym and with very greasy food.

Well, I lost 5 kg and she won 10 kg.

Always make sure you’re giving yourself all the tools to overcome your goals. Make things easier.

Being in a place that resonates with you and your goals will help you a lot.


Let me give you a little tip: don’t think about your beloved one.

At all.

That person doesn’t exist in the future you’re planning. Because if they exist, you’re no longer doing the best for YOU in singular, but in plural. And you don’t actually want to become “us” yet. Believe me.

This period of your life should be for your self-growth, development and joy. Don’t renounce to great opportunities just to be with one person.

Let’s be sincere: your relationship could end tomorrow. I’ve been there, so I understand that you truly believe you can make this work forever. And you can, of course. But just don’t.

If being with that person means not getting your goals, letting go things you really want and having to settle for an option that’s not the best, it’s not worthy. That person is not worth it.

If they love you, they’ll encourage you to do what will make you happy and successful for the long run. If they don’t, don’t try to justify it: they’re selfish and childish and you deserve better. Even if you love them. Love yourself more.

On the other hand, I would consider moving with friends or relatives. If you like a university and some of your friends are going there, that’s a big pro. Having someone to lean on will make changes much easier.

For me, there’s a big difference between partners and friends, because of psychological stuff. To keep it short, moving with your partner can make you lose your identity and independence, and those two things are what you should develop these years.

Again, don’t take the decision based on a single person if that person is not you.


My favourite one.

No matter how high their entrance scores are, or how many international awards they get. You’ll probably think they’re crap when you start studying there.

But it’s true that employers pay attention to this kind of things, so try to check if the unis you’re interested in have any recent scandals.

Other things to check: internship programs, international agreements, research projects and experts of their field graduated/working there.

This one is not very important here, but maybe in other countries the prestige of the institution is more valuable. However, your experience and knowledge will always be more relevant.

There’s only one exception: if you want to be professor at that university. Then the shorter way is to study there. In Spain, 70% of the professors got the doctorate at the same university where they work (according to El País).

So yeah, that would be the only case, I think.

Of course, graduating in Harvard sounds great, but it’s not that important for your career. So think about this point as an extra.

And that’s all I wanted to share with you.

This post is crazy long, so I won’t make it longer with an unnecessary outro. Remember to grab your workbook before you read the next post and leave me in the comments which things you are taking/took into consideration to choose university. Read you!

Bye, kweens!

5 Essentials for your Skincare Morning Routine

5 Essentials for your Skincare Morning Routine

Staying at home for this long is making my skin go crazy. It’s dry, sensitive and full of blackheads. So I knew I needed some tips to build a new skincare morning routine in order to improve my skin.

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I started searching on the internet for tips, tricks, miraculous products and *really* strange routines. BUT I ended up noticing that there’re a few things all the posts included over and over again. And it wasn’t diving into a -10ºC water container at 5 am.

2 quick things before we start:

I’m a Psychology student, so I don’t have any kind of academic knowledge about skincare. I got these tips from dermatologists and beauticians. Always get advice from your doctor before trying new treatments.

And I want to emphasize the “routine” part. Many of these tips won’t work when only done once. Skincare is a habit. If you want this to help you, then you’ll have to be consistent. Of course, stop doing the routine if there’s any kind of discomfort (itchiness, irritation, etc.). Note this post doesn’t include diet, exercising, hydrating, etc., but those things are also helping me.

Ok, let’s start with some tips to build this new skincare morning routine.

Wash your face

It’s the first thing I do every morning. I use a non-comedogenic foam wash my dermatologist gave me. I highly recommend getting advice to find the best option for you.

The product I use is specific for oil control and perfect for acne-tendency skins. I got a 50 ml (1,7 OZ) sample tube and after 2 months using it, there’s almost a half left. So it’s really economical.

The big one is 8 OZ and costs $9.76 on Amazon.

Just in case someone is curious, this product is called Cetaphil (from Nestlé Skin Health). But remember to ask your doctor/pharmacist before using it.


I don’t want anyone to do strange things. Putting something too cold on your face can burn it, so be sensible!

I like using one of those cold patches you can put in the freezer. It’s specific for face, and I only cool it for 5 minutes or so. Then, I put it on my face for another 5 minutes. It’s perfect for dark circles and blood circulation.

My face is usually a little “swollen” and dull when I wake up, and this helps a lot.

Stimulate your skin

This is another essential for me, but I stopped doing it these last weeks. Oh, I noticed the difference!

Of course, I got back on track. Using a face roller in your morning routine is a game changer. It makes your skin look more firm and healthy. PLUS it’s amazing to reduce dark circles and prevents wrinkles from appearing.

I recommend you to get one with relief. The stone ones look cute, but they’re not as effective. The more contact points with your skin, the better. I know there’re some with needles, but I have never tried them (I panic if there’s a needle around haha).

I got one with relief at Primark and it was cheap and good, so that’s what I’m using. However, I’m planning on getting an upgrade and get one like this:

I saw it in the 38-step beauty routine Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom at Riverdale) shared with Vogue and I fell in love with it. The one she uses is like $250 (the NuFace Trinity face massager), so I’ll probably look for a cheaper version, like the Foreo massagers. I’ll tell you if I find any good deal. Make sure you follow me on Instagram to stay tuned!


This is my priority right now, because my skin is dry af. I’m using the Saturday Skin featherweight daily moisturizing cream. It came in a pack with a brightening eye cream and a gentle cleanser, and I got it for only 8€ at Sephora (I think it was a Black Friday offer).

I like this one because it feels soft and weightless on the skin and it smells so nice!  I’ve also tried one from Primark, but it’s not as good, it feels really heavy on the skin. Nivea ones are fine, but I hate the smell.

I’m using a Babaria cream for my feet and hands, and the Johnson’s Vita-Rich pomegranate lotion for the rest of my body.

Moisturizing is crucial to keep your skin healthy and glowing, so never skip this!


Sunbathing is great for your skin, but be careful. Sun rays produce marks and wrinkles. Believe me, you’ll thank your 20 yo self for putting on sunscreen when you’re 50.

Even if it’s cloudy outside, you need to protect your skin. I don’t have preferences on sunscreens, but I recommend using cream ones (you won’t look so oily).

And don’t forget the neck!!

These are my essentials, the things I truly believe you NEED to do in order to keep your skin healthy. I actually used all of them before the quarantine, but I’m making an effort to keep my face clean and moisturized the whole day, and my morning routine is vital to do so.

Some steps of my full skincare morning routine are related with my night routine, so I’ll make a separate post about that. I’ll also write a post on things to skip in order to make your skin glow up.

Tell me in the comments what you think about these tips. Do you already do this? Some skincare advice you can give us? Read you!

Have a nice day, kweens.

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How to celebrate your graduation quarantined

How to celebrate your graduation quarantined

I graduated from high school a couple of years ago. I remember how stressing the finals were, how anxious I was about the access exams, how lost I felt trying to choose my course (I dropped it in 3 months, so you can believe I was lost af).

But at the same time I was very excited. I was about to start a new life!

Sicerely, I can’t imagine how you are feeling now. I guess all those negative feelings are maximized. You might feel no excitement, just uncertainty.

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And that big day, your graduation, when your “new life” was going to start, is cancelled.

Well, you have a new life now, but not the one you were expecting.

I got intoxicated my prom night, but thinking about that now, I was lucky. I mean, I *had* a prom night.

Humans need a clear signal to understand that a change is happening. We need some kind of proof.

That’s the reason why we have rites of passage. Quinceañeras or “Sweet 16” are good examples. We need a proof to show our community that we are no longer kids.

And your graduation should be a proof that you are ready to go explore the world on your own.

In fact, many of us went on a trip or had a gap year after high school. I recommend you both. Seriously.

But now let’s focus on the graduation thing.


It doesn’t have to be special, but it matters.

Believe me, you and your family need this moment to realize what is about to come.

But, how can you celebrate your graduation during quarantine?

Every part of the globe has different rules right now about going out, so ignore the ones you’re not allowed to do. Stay safe!


Yes, very basic, but that’s it.

Order or prepare your favourite food and write a toast. Preferably not as boring as the one the principal uses to say.

You can ask your parents to say a few words. Saying aloud how much you’ve grown up can help them accept this new situation.

If your relatives can’t physically attend the celebration, you can video call them. Teaching your 90-year-old grandma how to do it might be difficult, but it’ll pay off.

Get ready.

If you bought your prom look before quarantine, it’s time to put it on. If you were waiting to get it, ask your siblings/parents/cousins if you can borrow one.

You can’t find anything? Just grab your fanciest clothes and go ahead. This is something symbolic. I promise it will work even if you are wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt.

But I would spoil myself and ask my sister to do my nails and hair. Why not?

Call your friends

We have already talked about relatives, but your friends are important too! They were going to share this day with you, so call them and enjoy the moment.

Note that some of them might be having a low day, and that’s valid.

You’re choosing to make a party and be happy, but some people need to embrace their sadness and have a chilled day. Send them your support!

The most important part of this is to celebrate the beginning of this new stage with your beloved ones.

Just do whatever activity that will make you have a good time.


Maybe you’re one of those persons who need some time to think about everything that’s going on. There’re options for you too!

Solo eating is one of those things you should try before going to college.

Cook something and make a little picnic or go to a restaurant (if they’re open). Eating alone can look sad, but I think it’s self-care.

It boosts your self-steam and helps you to focus on the present.

You can also go with someone if you want to share this moment, but maybe it’d be good to spend some time alone and think about all the changes you’re going to make in your life.

 I’ve been asked these last 2 years to give a talk at my old high school for the guys at their last year. And I’ve learnt a couple of things.

1: you don’t know what life’s about in high school. Seriously, you’ll learn so much in your first 3 months at college you won’t believe how naïve you were.

2: your past doesn’t matter. We all say this is a new life, but we don’t truly believe that. Well, you better believe it, because it won’t be true if you don’t. You can build a new life. As many times as you want. But don’t get 5 different families or something like that.

The important part if you choose this way of celebrating the end of high school is to take time to understand your feelings right now, be present and set some goals for the next months. How do you want to live now?


Yep. If you can’t do want you wanted right now, just wait. Take care of yourself, enjoy your holidays and throw a party when the situation gets better.

The date doesn’t actually matter. You are the only thing that matters that day. The change in you. Your wishes. Your dreams.

You can’t celebrate it now? Perfect. Celebrate it in a couple of months.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t let anything stop you from enjoying this moment. Not even a global pandemic.

I feel I’ve already said this 19374 times on this post, but enjoy, be present, embrace the change.

You’ve worked really hard.

You deserve some time to celebrate.

Take it.

When did you graduate from high school? How are you planning to celebrate if you graduate this year? Read you in the comments!

Kisses, kweens.

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