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Oh, September! Summer ends, kids go back to school and high season is finally over. It’s the perfect time to plan an autumn trip!

Think about it.

The most touristic places aren’t so crowded, the prices are lower and you are not likely to have any kids on the plane.

Cheap flights, cheap hotels, and much less people.

Isn’t it perfect?

So, while we’re still packing for my trip to Oporto, I’m already planning my next getaway to Germany.

Guys, the flights will cost me 40€.

What else do you need me to say??

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DISCLAIMER: This post contains Airbnb affiliate links, that may earn me a commission at no extra cost for you if you book through them. There are plenty of Aribnb apartments in every destination, so feel free to do your own research (I decided to pick the cutest cheap places, but there are more luxurious options).


Lisbane, North Ireland

Not far from Belfast, the well-known Irish countryside is waiting for you.

Are you into glamping?

This new trend of fashionable and comfortable camping is a dream come true.

Look at how cool this glamping pod is! And how affordable; you can have a unique stay for 51€.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Belfast, Mount Stewart or Man Island.

Ireland is one of the prettiest places in Europe and I feel it’s so underrated because of the weather.

Give it a try!

I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it.

Barcelona, Spain

I’ve just moved here, so you can imagine how much tourism I’ll do this fall.

With all the Gaudí’s wonderful buildings (Casa Batlló, la Sagrada Familia, la Pedrera, etc.), the Art Nouveau style of the city and all the events hosted here, you’ll never have enough.

Have a walk in the Park Güell and enjoy the autumn colours, visit Gràcia for a shopping spree or go to Montjuic and get the cutest pictures.

If you want to have fun in a state-of-the-art city, Barcelona must be on your fall bucket list.

You can stay in one of the beautiful Airbnb apartments all over the city (like this one, look how cute it is for only 21€!!).

Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Do you prefer to get in touch with nature? I got you!

Croatia is more than beautiful beaches: the mountains are gorgeous too.

Camping in this beautiful national park is like going to the Wonderland.

Turquoise lakes, breath-taking waterfalls and the cutest landscapes will help you reconnect with mother Earth.

I found this incredible Airbnb very close to the lakes for 30€!!

Don’t think Croatia is just a summer destination and consider it for this autumn.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

What I love about the city: you can visit everything in 2 days, there’re plenty of instagrammable spots, the atmosphere is so cool and chill (it’s not a 15-kilometres-per-day destination like Paris).

What I don’t love that much: the weather.

Seriously, it’s the worst.

I went there during a storm and I remember I couldn’t feel my hands.

Or my nose.

The rain can be so strong there, and the wind teared down my umbrella in less than a minute (literally, I ended up buying a bucket hat).

In fact, I’m pretty sure no matter when you travel there, you’ll be able to get the fall vibes haha.

If you want to experience the incredible ambiance of this city, this room next to the Vondelpark is hosted by a very nice couple for only 32€!

Kromlau, Germany

I’m pretty sure you have seen that bridge that, reflected on the water, makes a circle.

It has probably appeared 984291 times on your Pinterest feed.

Well, it’s the main attraction in Kromlau, a German village not far from Poland.

If you want to enjoy the northern weather and take incredible fall pictures, this is your place.

You can stay at this house in Weißwasser for only 18€.

Firenze, Italy

One of my favourite Italian cities!

The Tuscany is the perfect place to enjoy your autumn holidays.

You can visit not only Florence, but Pisa, Lucca or Viareggio too (these are perfect day-trips if you’re staying 5-6 days).

Florence is so humid and hot in summer that you’ll thank yourself for having chosen fall for your trip.

And don’t get my started with the mosquitoes.

I went there during a summer I spent in the Tuscany, and I fell in love with the city.

All that marble, the beautiful white and black combination, the majesty of the buildings.

Simply perfect.

If you want to stay in downtown, this room will cost you only 25€!


While some may think autumn is the worst season to visit the UK, I think there’s something charming in it.

London is for rainy days with cosy sweaters.

I don’t know, the atmosphere in autumn/winter is great for a weekend getaway.

Go get a coffee, walk down Mayfair or Notting Hill with your umbrella and enjoy the British experience.

You can get this cute room not far from there for just 39€.

The price range is truly cheaper during the cold months, so consider visiting London in fall (even though it’s windy and rainy and cool).

(I know London is not an “overlooked” city, but people are hesitant to visit it in fall and it’s time for this nonsense to end!)


Yeah, I know, I’m promoting another Spanish destination.

It’s not my fault that we have such a beautiful country haha

Canarias Islands are a tropical paradise, but without leaving Europe.

You want to hike a volcano? Of course, or take a ride on a camel if you don’t feel like walking.

Do you prefer the beach? You have a few kilometres of Caribbean-like coast to enjoy yourself.

Desert or sea or mountains or jungle.

Whatever you want to do, the Canarias Islands are perfect.

This apartment is in Tenerife (the biggest island), and you can enjoy the views of the beach and the mountain for 32€.

Hope this list has helped you to plan your next trip!

Remember to save the post for later.

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Europe is beautiful during autumn, so don’t miss the chance to explore it this next season.

Have you already visited any of these cities? Are you planning to do so?

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