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Eve & the Flow

college girl flowing through the world
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Your best years?

Do you wake up every day guessing why your life is not how you had imagined it (full of adventures and moments of joy, probably in Punta Cana)?

It’s time to take your “best years” and make them the best years of your life. Ready to rock your 20’s?

Travel History

Since I started this little adventure around the world I’ve visited…











Recent Posts

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How to plan a road trip: ALL you need

Trying to figure out how to travel safely this summer? Road trips have become more and more popular these last years, and there’s a bunch of reasons why.

 Independence, freedom and flexibility, along with how economic this can be, are the strongest points of this not-so-new way of discovering the world.

My Upcoming Trips


If you think it’s impossible to travel safely during a pandemic you should check the blog.

These are the places I’ve visited lately:





Coming soon:
Galician Coast


Check out some cute footage I have been able to film/shoot during my trips. 

My Bucket List

1. Valencia

I may be moving there in a couple of months and this city has always fascinated me. Can’t wait to start discovering it!

2. Busan

South Korea caught my attention last year. I have started learning Korean and also plan to have working holidays in Busan next summer.

3. Prague

It has been on my travel bucket list since 2013! I really need to visit this fairy tail city soon.

Travel Gallery

My fave travel pics here! Can’t wait to add more.

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